ed hamilton

copy and video for brands, agencies and charities

stories that move

as technology continues to make high quality video easier to capture, storytelling and creativity are more important than ever.

That's why before i go anywhere near a camera, i work with my clients to discover the story that will matter most to the people they need to reach.   

2018 showreel - a selection of work I've produced, shot, directed or written.

An introduction to an incredible charity providing dignity to refugees through food.

What makes Brook House Hops so special?

I was wondering what a TV ad for a freelance copywriter might look like, so I made one.

What happens when teaching professionals can't go on?

Another F***ing Showreel. That's all.

A cinema ad I wrote for Green & Black's chocolate to promote their Taste Assistant campaign.

Use Your Voice. A short social media ad I wrote for Speak collective, encouraging young people to vote in the general election.

A brief look at some of Xavier Buendia's beautiful food photography from restaurants in and around Brighton.

Capturing the delicious new autumn menu at the Chilli Pickle restaurant in Brighton.

A small selection of material I've shot, produced or written. For more examples or to find out how I can make video work for your business, email ed.copy@gmail.com

A brief introduction to some of the people and produce of Brighton's regenerated Open Market. With thanks to Redhead Design and Ben Crawford. 

An insight into the very real problems caused by underfunding in our health service.